Thursday, May 28, 2015

Your Next Gaming PC: Should You Build, Buy, or Get a Laptop?

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Although most states rescinded their ban on the keeping of ferrets as pets back in the 1980s and '90s, it remains illegal to have a pet ferret in California and Hawaii.

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Modern Sheet Glass Is Produced By Floating Molten Glass On?
Deionized Water →
Mercury →
Liquid Tin →
Superheated Air →

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The Storybundle Write Stuff Bundle

Our friends over at Storybundle have a special deal that's about to expire — you can get 11 books on writing for the price of one, plus a 40% off discount code for Jutoh, the ebook publishing tool.



Storybundle is a site created by a former Lifehacker writer, and a personal friend of mine. They bundle together ebooks from indie authors into a single package, and you can choose how much you'd like to pay. You can also choose how much goes to the writers, and how much goes to Storybundle. And you can pay with Paypal or Amazon to make things easy.

All of the books can be downloaded and synced to any tablet or ebook reader, and if you have a Kindle, they can send them directly to your Kindle without any syncing required. They are all DRM-free, so you can read them anywhere without being locked in to a device.

If you want to support authors and read great ebooks, Storybundle is definitely a great choice.

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Today's Tech Term

Backup Window

Backup Window refers to a predefined or prescheduled time slot (window) that is best suited for backing up data, applications, and/or systems.

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Choosing Your Next Gaming PC: Should You Build, Buy, or Get a Laptop?

So you've saved up for months, but still can't decide which kind of gaming rig is best for you? Do you need something that can stay with you wherever you go, or just want to get the most punch possible regardless of cost or portability?

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HTG Explains: How Water Resistance Ratings Work for Gadgets

Your new smartwatch claims to be waterproof, your fitness tracker claims to be water resistant, and your smartphone's manufacturer advertises their phone working in a glass of water, yet all three of those devices might not survive a trip into a swimming pool. Read on as we untangle the advertising jargon and explain what water resistance really means.

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How to Change the Finder's Dock Icon in OS X

The one thing Mac owners probably take for granted is its customizability. True, Apple does impose strict rules on how the interface looks and acts, but in between all that, there are countless potential lost hours just adorning your system with new wallpaper and icons.

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How to Add a Second Time Zone to Your Calendar in Outlook

Have you tried to schedule a meeting with people in another time zone and gotten the time wrong? It would be helpful if you could view both time zones on the calendar in Outlook so you can quickly see the corresponding time when scheduling meetings.

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Head Mounted Displays: What's the Difference between Augmented and Virtual Reality?

As digital technology continues to seep into every aspect of our analog lives, it seems it was only a matter of time before it started to replace our plain old visual experiences with something a little more tantalizing.

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