Thursday, June 4, 2015

Fwd: Get Paid to Shmoop and Other Summer Shenanigans

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Hey, Shmooperstars!

We hope your first week of June has been full of sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows (or at least lots of free time and naps). The only downside to summer frolics? They tend to cost money. If your piggy bank hasn't had a meal in months, take a minute to check out the awesome job openings on our Sales team: share your love of Shmoop AND get paid for it.

For those of you who prefer to Shmoop in your pajamas, we just released a whole bunch of new content for your perusing pleasure. Consider it part of our ongoing mission to keep you away from distracting kitten videos, and lead you to learn about, um, bunnies instead.

Famous Quotes

If you still think Taylor Swift is singing "All the lonely Starbucks lovers," let Shmoop's new Famous Quotes section set you straight. We've tasked ourselves with demystifying hundreds of cryptic novel passages, crazy song lyrics, TV one-liners, and famous misquotes. Each quote is also rated on our super-official "Pretentious Factor" scale, so you won't look like a jerk at the next dinner party.

Summer Reads

Think you can only Shmoop the High School Hall of Famers? While we definitely still have a crush on the classics here at Shmoop (Gatsby is bae), we're always adding good beach reads, too. Check out Why We Broke Up, The Martian, and How I Live Now, or head on over to our Bestsellers page for more suggestions. Oh, and...take us with you to the beach, please. We'll bring the sunscreen.

Find Yourself

Didn't manage to figure out your entire life this year? Nothing a little Shmoop can't cure. Sure, we won't help you shadow a pyrotechnitian, but our career guides are the next best thing, giving you an idea of a typical day, expected salary, and the incredible glory you may (or may not) attain. We've just released guides to being a chauffeur, federal prosecutor, roller coaster designer, and Egyptologist, among other, easier-to-spell careers.

Have fun Shmooping the summer away, and be sure to stay in touch via Facebook and Twitter—they're way more effective than carrier pigeons. (Believe us. We've tried.)

Quote of the Week

"And in the morning...I'm making waffles!"

~Donkey, Shrek

Now that you finally have time to make breakfast, treat yo' self. (BTDubs, you can check out loads more cheerful quotes here.)
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