Thursday, June 18, 2015

Why the Dialogue On Your HDTV Is Too Quiet

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Only one complete Viking helmet has ever been recovered and it did not feature wings or horns (embellishments put on Viking helmets for theater performances hundreds of years later).

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What Scientific Measurement Scale Was Originally Inverted From Its Present State?
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Download A Quick Start Guide to the iPhone Camera
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Dark Social

Dark Social refers to social sharing, social media activity, and website referrals that are difficult to track via web analytics (i.e. seeming to have no specific source).

Sources that are difficult to track include email, chat messages, text messages, etc.

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Your Android device came with a default image set as the wallpaper on the Home screen. However, if you want a different image as your wallpaper, this is easily changed. There are several images included in the Android system or you can use one of your own images.

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What is Wi-Fi Sense and Why Does It Want Your Facebook Account?

This feature allows you to share Wi-Fi login information — network names and passphrases — with your friends. It's designed to automatically connect Windows 10 devices to shared networks.

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HTG Explains: Why the Dialogue On Your HDTV Is Too Quiet

We've all been there: the characters on screen are talking and it's way too quiet so you crank up the volume only to be blasted by a loud explosion two seconds later. Why is the dialogue so quiet and what can you do to fix is? Read on as we show you how to tame wild swings in TV audio output.

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How to Open an Application on OS X with a Hot Key Combination

OS X seems like it has a keyboard shortcut for just about everything, and you can change most of them if they don't suit your tastes. If you want to launch an application using the keyboard, however, you have to use add-on software.

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How to Remove Automatic Horizontal Lines in Word

Word automatically formats items like quotes, bulleted and numbered lists, and horizontal lines. When you type at least three dashes, underscores, or equal signs in a paragraph by themselves and press "Enter", the characters are automatically converted to a single, thick single, or double horizontal line, respectively.

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You're Not Backing Up Properly Unless You Have Offsite Backups

Backups are critical. But, if you're just performing regular backups to a nearby external hard drive or USB drive, you're missing an important part of your backup strategy. You need your files stored in separate physical locations.

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