Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Bernie Speaks, Austerity Has Failed, Plus "Why I’m Done Defending Women’s Sports"

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NATION DAILY: July 6, 2015

Bernie Sanders Speaks

In his most revealing interview, the socialist presidential candidate sets out his vision for America.

John Nichols
Why I'm Done Defending Women's Sports

While I'm being asked why "no one cares," the Women's World Cup is getting ratings that would make the NBA or MLB weep with joy.


Dave Zirin

Austerity Has Failed: An Open Letter From Thomas Piketty to Angela Merkel

Five leading economists warn the German chancellor, "History will remember you for your actions this week."


Thomas Piketty,Jeffrey Sachs,Heiner Flassbeck,Dani Rodrik,Simon Wren-Lewis

What Was the Confederate Flag Doing in Cuba, Vietnam, and Iraq?

The Confederate flag's military tenure continued long after the Civil War ended.


Greg Grandin

Who's More Delusional—Chris Christie or Donald Trump?

Christie says the media owe him an apology, and Trump briefly experiences something resembling self-doubt.


Leslie Savan

This Airline's Scheduling System Is Making Its Pilots Exhausted

Would you want to travel with a company whose scheduling system is leading to fatigue and burnout for the people flying your plane?


Michelle Chen

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