Thursday, August 20, 2015

Iran Is Not the Greatest Threat to World Peace

NATION DAILY: August 20, 2015

Iran Is Not the Greatest Threat to World Peace

There's a clear way to ensure a nuclear-free Middle East, but Washington is not interested.

Noam Chomsky
The Racist Roots of the GOP's Favorite New Immigration Plan

Birthright citizenship is enshrined in the 14th Amendment, but Donald Trump and other candidates are keeping alive the idea that some Americans should not have equal rights at birth.


Zoƫ Carpenter

Congress Is Sick of the Secrecy Around TPP

And Senator Sherrod Brown is blocking a key Obama nominee to show it.


George Zornick

Lincoln Chafee Keeps Ripping 'Delusional' Neocons and Democrats Who Compromise With Them

This Democratic contender is skeptical about wars, enthusiastic about diplomacy. And he has a disruptive sense of history.


John Nichols

Defend Planned Parenthood Against Republican Attacks

After anti-choice activists released a misleading video, Republicans are intent on defunding Planned Parenthood—once again putting women's access to much-needed health care at risk.



August 20, 1998: The US Bombs a Suspected Qaeda-Run Chemical Plant in Sudan

"It's not the cigar, stupid. It's the cruise missiles launched to cover the shame."


Richard Kreitner

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