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News & Views | The "Free Trade" Charade

News & Views | 10.02.15


  The Trans-Pacific Free-Trade Charade
by Joseph Stiglitz & Adam Hersh
It is evident from the main outstanding issues, over which negotiators are still haggling, that the TPP is not about “free” trade.


  A Drone Killed This Man's Family. He Asked For Simple Apology. US Said 'No'
by Sarah Lazare
"This seems to be the Obama administration's cold calculation: Yemeni lives are cheap. They cost the President no political or moral capital."
  'Club of One': US Now Lone UN Member Outside Children's Rights Treaty
by Andrea Germanos
The U.S. helped draft part of the Convention on the Rights of the Child—so why hasn't it ratified it?
  Opt-Outs Abound as Majority of EU Says No to GMOs
by Nadia Prupis
By invoking those rights, Greenpeace EU food policy director Franziska Achterberg said, the majority of EU governments are "rejecting the Commission's drive for GM crop approvals."
  Refugees Face Fences and Force in 'Prison-Like' European Hotspots
by Deirdre Fulton
Italy will allow a "proportionate" use of force to obtain fingerprints from asylum-seekers, which it has not done regularly in the past.
  In Aristotle's Homeland, Canadian Mining Giant Fights Ban To Get Its Gold
by Deirdre Fulton
Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras' government revoked Eldorado Gold's permit for the Halkidiki mine, citing environmental concerns and violations of contract terms.
  Hundreds of Canadian Artists Slam Anti-Terror Law for Its 'Direct Attack on Creative Arts, Free Expression'
by Andrea Germanos
Signatories inlcuding Margaret Atwood write that C-51 "gives the government carte blanche to suppress any voice they don’t like."
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  Should US Ally with Al Qaeda in Syria?
by Robert Parry
The new U.S. “group think” is that Russian President Putin broke his promise to attack only the Islamic State when his warplanes hit other rebel targets in Syria. But Putin never limited which terrorists he’d hit and the targeted rebel coalition includes Al Qaeda’s affiliate.
  Resurgence of the World Left?
by Immanuel Wallerstein
After the rightward swing of the last decade or so, the pendulum is going the other way.
  Pope Francis Embraced the Most Subversive Voices in Modern American Catholicism
by Mike Scahill
Toward the end of her life it was becoming clear that Dorothy would be a serious candidate for canonization and perhaps become a saint of the Catholic Church. This annoyed her no end.
  More 'Frontex' Is Not the Answer to the Refugee Crisis
by Nina Perkowski
Rather than investing millions more in fences, patrols, and an EU Border Guard, we need the courage to accept that the policies of exclusion have failed.
  Befriending the Saudis Highlights U.S. Hypocrisy on Human Rights
by Sonali Kolhatkar
If we supposedly support the Arab Spring revolutions, why are we backing Saudi Arabia, the leader of the counterrevolutions? Perhaps it is because the Saudi regime’s cruelty is consistent with the U.S.
  Why the Washington Post’s Attack on Bernie Sanders is Bunk
by Robert Reich
Fahrenthold may not see the populism that’s fueling Bernie’s campaign, but it is gaining strength and conviction.
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