Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Hate Behind Donald Trump’s Success

NATION DAILY: February 24, 2016

The Hate Behind Donald Trump's Success

Why is no one in the Republican establishment fighting to stop Trump's nascent movement of thugs and fanatics?

Sasha Abramsky
Who Is the Real Progressive: Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders?

Four historians consider how the Democratic candidates fit within the history of the Progressive tradition.


Kim Phillips-Fein, Charles Postel, Robert Greene II, Michael Kazin

Gun Maker in Sandy Hook Case: Sorry, We're Immune

Congress granted gunmakers unprecendented protections in 2005, so Remington may be right.


George Zornick

Amputated Hands and Torn Fingers: The Meat-Processing Industry's Horrifying Injuries

When a worker is seen as nothing more than a part on an assembly line, who cares if they break?


Michelle Chen

The Gap Between New America and Old Politics

Latinos aren't the only demographic changing the electorate.


Julianne Hing

Congress Honors the Selma Marchers But Won't Restore the Voting Rights Act

Veterans of the Selma movement are receiving the Congressional Gold Medal but would rather see the Voting Rights Act fixed.


Ari Berman

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