Wednesday, March 30, 2016

How America's drug problem has grown

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March 30th
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How America's Drug Problem Has Grown
It's not just opioids and heroin. As TIME's analysis shows, fatal overdoses of other drugs are also steeply on the rise

Why the Iraqi Operation to Retake Mosul Is Such a Mess
The long-awaited operation to take back Mosul from ISIS is being mired by incompetence, mistrust, and divisions on the ground

Donald Trump's Campaign Manager Charged for Grabbing Reporter
Corey Lewandowski has been charged by police with misdemeanor battery for allegedly grabbing a reporter in Florida earlier this month

Who Really Lost in the Apple-FBI Showdown
The FBI and Apple's privacy vs. security debate ended in an anti-climax this week, TIME's Lev Grossman writes, and it's hard to tell who even won

Trump's 'America First' Foreign Policy Will Leave America Behind

Review: Apple's iPhone SE is Tiny But Powerful

How the My Lai Verdict Split the Nation, 45 Years On

8 Ways to Get Over Your 3 p.m. Slump, According to Science

Candidates Rescind Pledge to Back Eventual GOP Nominee

Mario Batali on his 'Forever Soulmate' Jim Harrison

Brussels Airport Will Take 'Months' to Reopen: CEO

How to Conquer Your Biggest Fears

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