Friday, April 29, 2016

YouTube Creator Monthly: Let's innovate!

We intend to do just that moving forward. Hold onto your hairpieces!

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Creator Monthly
Change, progress, innovation… oh my!
This month we've got updates on updates on updates. You'll hear about an app change that'll help drive watch time, a backend change (we promise you'll be happy about), app releases in multiple spots across the world and more. Read on to learn more about the latest innovations we've been working hard to bring to you and the world.
Not just a pretty redesign
If you used the YouTube app over the last couple of days, you might have noticed a pretty awesome new change. We've redesigned the Home tab! Clean and simple, the new design couples a fresh, clean look with a new suggestion system for recent videos and from subscriptions. And the best part? People who tried this new system have spent more time watching content from their subscriptions than ever before.
Live streaming meets 360° Video
Who here wanted to see at least a couple performances at this year's Coachella Music Festival? Yeah… us too. It used to be that watching a live event on YouTube meant either a traditional live stream or videos posted a day or two later. But not anymore!

Launched just a couple weeks ago, 360-degree live streaming is the newest kind of video supported on YouTube, and it's as cool as it sounds. Start watching a stream, and you can experience it live, choosing where you look as if you were standing right there. Learn more.
Making Content ID better for creators
Earlier in the year, we heard about an issue regarding Content ID: loss of monetization during the Content ID dispute process. We listened closely and are excited to announce a new approach.

We could take about a thousand words to explain it all, but that's what a picture's for right? Check out the graphic below, and for a more in depth description just head over to our blog.
YouTube Kids & YouTube Gaming hit the road
While YouTube Kids says "hola" to new audiences in Argentina and Mexico, gamers around the world are getting the chance to experience YouTube Gaming thanks to launches in 12 new countries. Download YouTube Gaming free on the App Store or Google Play.
#hashtags in YouTube search
We're #blessed to be introducing some #winning #swag at YouTube …#hashtags! Add one to your video title or description, cause they're now searchable!
Linn from Darbin Orvar isn't afraid to go against the grain. Working out of a workshop she built HERSELF, she's putting her own spin on traditional woodworking with forward-thinking designs, a super friendly style, and a great message for women and girls. Check out what happened when we stopped by her Oregon shop for a DIY IRL lesson.

#CreatorSpotlight is our pick of of up-and-coming creators who we feel are pushing the boundaries of creativity. We're always looking for creators doing amazing things so keep uploading and let us know on Twitter by using #CreatorSpotlight!

Here are some of our #CreatorSpotlight picks from April:
  • The super-talented Inhyeok Yeo serenades us with his acapella version of Shake it Off
  • isthishowyougoviral brings us the Sesame Street x Snoop Dogg crossover you never knew you needed

Same time next month?

— The YouTube team
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