Friday, May 6, 2016

Is Our Two-Party System About to Crack Up?

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Subject:Is Our Two-Party System About to Crack Up?

NATION DAILY: May 6, 2016

Is the American Party System About to Crack Up?

Three scholars of American politics and history consider whether we're on the verge of a fundamental realignment.

Danielle Allen, Rick Perlstein, Daniel Schlozman
When It Comes to Taxes, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Have One Thing in Common

Tax avoidance by the wealthiest Americans—including the presidential frontrunners—costs the US government an additional $130 billion per year.


Nomi Prins

Could an Anti-War, Anti-Surveillance Libertarian Be the Biggest Beneficiary of Trump's Takeover of GOP?

Gary Johnson is making his play for #NeverTrump votes. But is he too open-minded for renegade Republicans?


John Nichols

A Violent Room

Why did the movie Purple Rain want or perhaps need to produce and reprise a particular fantasy of interraciality?


Joshua Clover

Are Brazil's Corruption Scandals Finally Hitting the Olympics?

The majority of the members of Brazil's Congress are under investigation or facing charges. Of course the Olympics are corrupt.


Dave Zirin

Citizens Are Not Consumers

When education gets outsourced, students lose.


Michelle Chen

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