Friday, September 23, 2016

Donald Trump Can Win the First Debate—Here’s How.

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Subject:Yes, Donald Trump Can Win the First Debate—Here's How.

NATION DAILY: September 23, 2016

Yes, Donald Trump Can Win the First Debate—Here's How.

If the moderator lets him lie, Clinton could be in trouble.

Joan Walsh
19 Questions From 'Nation' Writers That Trump and Clinton Should Answer at the Presidential Debate

We've got questions on foreign policy, inequality, nuclear weapons, crime and policing, and more.


The Nation

The Fight Against Austerity Started Here

In 2011, the people of Wisconsin challenged the right's austerity agenda. Their uprising was even more revolutionary than you think.


Sarah Jaffe

The NBA Is Trying to Convince Players Not to Protest Police Brutality on the Court

But WNBA players have shown why it's probably not going to work. 


Dave Zirin

Who's Afraid of 'Russia Today'?

Hand-wringing over Kremlin propaganda says more about about US media's insecurity than it does Putin's reach.


Adam H. Johnson

Is Human Rights Watch Too Closely Aligned With US Foreign Policy?

It has ignored repression by regimes close to Washington and dismissed criticism—by Nobel laureates—of its conflicts of interest.


Mark Weisbrot

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