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Women and Biodiversity Feed the World

News & Views | 5.20.15


Women and Biodiversity Feed the World, Not Corporations and GMOs
by Vandana Shiva
Biodiverse ecological agriculture in women's hands is a solution not just to the malnutrition crisis, but also the climate crisis.


Decrying Corporate Greed, McDonald's Cooks and Cashiers Confront Shareholders
by Deirdre Fulton
"It's time McDonald's face the people who fry its fries and serve its customers but who are forced to pay for groceries with food stamps because McDonald's does not pay them enough to feed their families."
Latest Guilty Pleas Prove Big Bank Criminality 'Rampant,' But Jail Time Non-Existent
by Deirdre Fulton
In announcing the settlement, Attorney General Loretta Lynch called the megabanks' crimes "a brazen display of collusion" that caused "pervasive harm."
'We Are Many': Documentary Depicts Legacy of Global Anti-War Movement
by Nadia Prupis
A trailer for the film also shows peace activists being dragged away from congressional meetings, Iraqi children weeping in the aftermath of bombings, and veterans throwing away their army medals in a demonstration against the war.
Ruptured Pipeline Along California Coast Dumps Crude Oil into Pacific Ocean
by Jon Queally
"To see this level of spill into such a sensitive and treasured environment is devastating to watch. These waters are known as the Galapagos of North America with numerous species of endangered whales migrating through marine protected areas and off the iconic and beloved Gaviota Coast."
Mattress in Tow, Columbia University Rape Victim Graduates
by Lauren McCauley
Compelled by the University's exoneration of Nungesser, Sulkowicz undertook the protest as part of a senior visual art thesis called "Carry that Weight," in which she vowed to carry the mattress as long as Nungesser remained on campus to represent the weight she carries as a result of the rape.
Peace Coalition Warns Rightwing Militias Threaten Democracy
by Nadia Prupis
To raise awareness about extremist groups using weapons and intimidation to influence public policy, the coalition is pointing to a case in Oregon where armed conservative activists are guarding a mine in Medford over a legal battle with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).
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The Senate’s Excuses for Reauthorizing Section 215–and Why They’re Wrong
by Mark Jaycox
In the next few days, Congress will begin to debate whether or not they should vote for a short-term reauthorization of Section 215. The answer is clearly no.
Why President Obama’s Pollinator Strategy Won’t Solve Bee Crisis
by Tiffany Finck-Haynes
Despite public opposition from beekeepers, EPA is encouraging states and tribes to develop pollinator protection plans. We need a federal, unified plan, not a patchwork of state plans with varying levels of strength and effectiveness.
White House Reveals ‘Boots on Ground’ in Syria, but Media Too Giddy Over Special Ops Porn to Notice
by Adam Johnson
Almost every media outlet was too fascinated recapping the DoD’s superficial action narrative to ask why, or if, the US should have soldiers fighting in yet another country.
Crossing the Korean DMZ for Peace
by Medea Benjamin
Women were key to facilitating the peace process after decades of fighting in Northern Ireland. Women brought the warring parties of the Second Liberian Civil War to the negotiating table, ending years of bloodshed. And now, women are putting a global spotlight on Korea.
How Did a 26-Year-Old Iraq War Veteran Die Serving a 2-Day Jail Sentence?
by Stephen A. Crockett, Jr.
During Brown's stay, several guards detained him and did not order medical attention even though Brown can be heard throughout the recording saying that he can't breathe. At one point, Brown can be heard yelling, "I'm choking on my blood."
Jeffrey Sterling: The Latest Victim in the War on Whistleblowers
by John Kiriakou
Whatever the case, the worst Sterling can be accused of is exposing government failure and indiscretion. In that sense, he easily meets the legal definition of a whistleblower. Whatever information he exposed, he did it in the public interest.
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